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Sample Implementation

There are 2 methods that must be called for application analytics to perform correctly.
These must be called after any of the configuration options have been set:

Insert a call to BangoAgent.onStartApp(String) to begin a session, passing it a reference to your application's ApplicationId. It is recommended to place this call in the main() function of your application.

public static void main(String[] args)
BangoAgent.onStartSession(tMy Application Id);
// your code

Insert a call to BangoAgent.onEndSession() to terminate a session.
It is recommended to place a call to this method at any location where you call System.exit().

public void onClose ()
// your code

You can then use either the generic method to log an event:

BangoAgent.onEvent(eventName, eventDetail, eventValue, eventParameters)

Alternatively you can use a predefined event method to log a predefined event type:

BangoAgent.onSearch(eventName, eventDetail, eventValue, eventParameters)
BangoAgent.onPageView(eventName, eventDetail, eventValue, eventParameters)

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